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Coaching Distinctions for LEADERS

By Michaleen K. Lewis MS-OD, PCC, CPTD  As the leader of your organization, you are tasked to create a focused, productive and engaged workforce for a higher level of success all around.  You’ve probably attended an array of workshops, podcasts and have read numerous books on how to

SEC Overhauls Certain Disclosure Requirements for Companies

By Hedley Lawson, Global Managing Partner, Aligned Growth Partners, LLC The Securities and Exchange Commission voted to remove certain disclosure requirements for public companies, making additional changes to Regulation S-K. Among other disclosures, the amendment focuses on the management discussion and analysis section of companies’ financial statements. The

Relationship Marketing Revisited

Ours is an era in which the consumer reigns supreme—he or she can get just about anything they way, anywhere they want and at just about any price they want.  The level of competition to sell people stuff, from luxury cars to paperclips, has accelerated at a dizzying

SEC Rule Change Requires New Human Capital Resources Disclosure

By Hedley Lawson, Global Managing Partner of Aligned Growth Partners, LLC Responding to calls from investors, proxy advisory firms, and other stakeholders for companies to provide more information about their human capital management practices, the Securities and Exchange Commission acted to amend Regulation S-K, which details the information

The Need for Boards to Remake their Committee Structure

It has become almost daily news to read about the workplace concerns expressed by employees — either passively, in the press and media, and sometimes through active protests. And these ever-increasing concerns span highly regarded publicly listed companies as well as those of less public stature. Some of

Healthcare and the Presidential Election

Mercer.US consulting services recently issued two articles titled, “Trump Campaign Lists Second-Term Healthcare Priorities” and “What Employers Need to Know About Biden’s Healthcare Polices”. The key take-way is no one knows what will happen. Much like other campaign rhetoric, solutions to the US health care system are not

Open Enrollment & Covid-19

2020 is an interesting year in which to administer Open Enrollment for corporate benefit plans. Typically employees are at work, they generally know open enrollment is looming, and filling out forms or making online elections is the norm. Like life around us, Covid-19 has clearly disrupted this norm.

Expect a Resurgence of Unions Post-pandemic

Everyone wants to know what the world and the world of business will look like once the COVID-19 pandemic abates. Numerous articles have appeared in business publications such as The Atlantic (May  6, 2020), Forbes (April 15, 2020), and The Economist (April 2, 2020) to boldly suggest that business and life will be different

NACD Top Director Concerns

Strategy, Workforce Issues Top Director Concerns Post-Crisis, Survey Finds As disruption caused by the pandemic continues, boards and their organizations are moving from a focus on employee health and corporate survival to preparing for recovery and a new normal. To better understand the challenges that boards face in

Female CEOs in the Fortune 500

The Number of Female CEOs in the Fortune 500 Hits an All-Time Record The number of females currently at the reins of America’s biggest corporations has hit a new record high, reports Fortune (May 18, Hinchliffe). In total, 37 of the companies on this year’s Fortune 500 are

Demonstrating Corporate Purpose in the Time of Coronavirus

What should a company’s purpose be when the purpose of so many, right now, is survival? For years, enlightened executives have sought the sweet spot between their responsibility to maximize profits on behalf of shareholders and their desire to find a purpose across environment, social, and governance (ESG)

Operation Eyesight Universal – Board Appointment

OPERATION EYESIGHT UNIVERSAL United States Board of Directors Appointment, Hedley Lawson OPERATION EYESIGHT USA, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, announces the appointment of Hedley Lawson, Global Managing Partner for Aligned Growth Partners, LLC, to its board of directors, effective, March 19, 2020. “We are excited to welcome Hedley to our board

U.S. Companies Get Broader SEC Reprieve on Filing Deadlines

The SEC has confirmed that publicly-traded companies could get an extra 45-days to file annual and quarterly reports. The extension is designed to help companies that have experienced significant disruptions because of the coronavirus pandemic. The SEC said earlier the week of March 23rd that disclosures due between March

Safeguarding our lives and our livelihoods: The imperative of our time

We must solve for the virus and the economy. It starts with battling the virus.Everything has changed. Just a few weeks ago, all of us were living our usual busy lives. Now, things normally taken for granted—an evening with friends, the daily commute, a plane flight home—are no longer possible.

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