Adaptive Human Capital Transformation & Organizational Excellence

We align strategy, culture and people

Aligned Growth Partners understands the business imperative for Organizational Excellence in companies and organizations, both large and small. We have successfully developed and executed Organizational Excellence strategic and operational plans by using our broad business and organizational expertise as senior executives in domestic and global privately-held, pre-public, and publicly-traded corporations, working seamlessly across geographic borders to bring vision and strategy to life with energy, focus and imagination that creates tangible and sustainable impact.

Our Organizational Excellence Total Solutions approach includes: 

  • Enterprise Culture development and sustainability
  • Organizational Architecture and Alignment
  • Agile enterprise-wide Talent Acquisition strategies and practices
  • Colleague Engagement, Development and Inclusion
  • Enterprise-wide Recognition and Total Rewards Programs
  • Retention, Succession Planning and Executive Coaching

‚ÄčOur focus is clear and unwavering: to assist client companies create sustainable, agile, engaging and inclusive world-class, “Employer of Choice” workplace cultures.

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