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6 Leadership Trends Changing Workplaces Globally

Our global team accesses the most recent research to gain new insights and thought-provoking ideation in serving our clients. One such joint report published by DDI, The Conference Board and EY, noted that C-suite professionals rank developing “next gen” leaders and failure to attract and retain top talent as their biggest challenges.

How to Provide World-class Value Your Multigenerational Workforce

As we have learned over the years, each age-group has varying needs and expectations. For those who have not continued to develop and modify their approach to workforce expectations with transformational strategies to meet the needs of your teams and your company, here are seven actionable recommendations. 1.

Driving Transformation in the Changing Global Business Landscape

Leading organizations and teams to success in times of exponentially accelerating change is an incredible challenge. Most CEOs and senior executives today feel a profound sense of urgency to transform everything about their organizations—strategy, culture, leadership, innovation—to ensure they are able to avoid disruption and harness technology in

9 Signs that Your Employees May Be Burning Out

Through the past three years of the global pandemic and remote work becoming more of the norm, we have seen higher numbers of employees feeling stress in their jobs and in their lives. And this trend is not going away. When employees are not taking time for themselves

Five Ways to Encourage Your Employees to Lead

Leadership is about more than the most senior person at the top of the business or an operating unit. It is more about how you focus on helping all of your employees to take on leadership roles. It stands to reason that today’s businesses need leaders who focuses

4 Tips for Recruiting Summer Interns

With summer only a few months away, a paid or unpaid summer internship program can be a great recruiting tool, providing employers with ready access to the next generation of talent without the pressure of hiring someone unknown. But not all summer internships are created equal, which means

5 Thoughtful Ways to Continuously Improve Your Communication

As we have all learned over time and especially over the past three years of the COVID epidemic, rarely do we experience two people who have identical communication styles. If you think you know how to communicate well with everyone you work with, that may be a stretch.

Critical Remote Professional Development Skills

Every member of your team wants to have time for developing new skills and staying current on existing skills. With the Shelter in Place order across the globe and many team members and team leaders working from home, professional development has taken a back seat and, for some,

Talent Shortage Continues Globally

We are continually contacted by client companies and others to discuss the difficulties they experience in finding and retaining talent in virtually every market sector around the world. To add to the difficulties, it is a situation that is unlikely to improve in 2023. Better economic times, low

Majority of U.S. Workers Changing Jobs Are Seeing Real Wage Gains

The Great Resignation of 2021 has continued into 2022, with quit rates reaching levels last seen in the 1970s. Although not all workers who leave a job are working in another job the next month, the majority of those switching employers are seeing it pay off in higher

Sustainability in Supply Chains

Global climate change is a fact and has been scientifically proven. It will have existentially threatening effects in social, economic, and ecological terms on the generations that come after us. Those who deny this need not read further at this point. For all others, this white paper shows

The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

The Act on Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains is a federal law that was passed by the Bundestag on June 11, 2021 and published in the Federal Law Gazette on July 22, 2021. It is part of the Civil Code as well as the Commercial Code and

New Deloitte Research Highlights Increasing Business Concern About Climate Change

Deloitte’s 2022 CxO Sustainability Report: The Disconnect Between Ambition and Impact, reveals that global C-level business leaders (or CxOs) are increasingly concerned about climate change and see the world at a tipping point to act. Eighty-nine percent of CxOs agree there’s a climate crisis and 63 percent say

Annual H-1B Lottery Set to Open on March 1st

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) has announced that the H-1B electronic registration period for Fiscal Year 2023 will be open from March 1 through March 18, 2022. During this period, prospective petitioners and their representatives will be able to submit their registrations for potential H-1B candidates. Employers should take this opportunity

The Top Risks for 2022: A Global Perspective

By Jim DeLoach, January 11, 2022 Protiviti’s latest global survey reveals that COVID-19, people and culture issues, the economy, and digital transformation are top of mind for C-level executives and directors looking at the risk landscape for 2022. Our survey captures insights from 1,453 C-level executives and directors related to 36

Announcement by Deloitte: Reimagining How We Support Our People

Over the past two years, Deloitte professionals have come together for our clients, communities, and each other to face the substantial challenges of the global pandemic. We continue to be deeply grateful and committed to helping our people thrive as we experience significant growth in our business and


The Conference Board’s Salary Increase Budget Survey indicates that the average annual raise for current employees is accelerating. In 2022, salary increase budgets are estimated to be 3.9% – the highest rate since 2008. Due to the high wage growth and inflation seen since April 2021, our Salary

Post-COVID Workforce Trends Driving the Labor Market

Experts agree that we’re experiencing unprecedented times in the global labor market. While a few of the buzziest phrases of this phase include the Great Resignation, the Great Realization and the Great Reshuffle, there are many more “Greats” where those came from, according to a new report from Business

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